mWave Dynamics LTD

Advance RF & Microwave Solutions 

mWave Dynamics  is a high technology company supplying advance RF and Microwave Components, Multi-function Modules and Sub-Systems  for the Military, Industrial and Commercial markets with designs from DC to 330 GHz and above. Also implement technical services according to the customer specifications with a full R&D turnkey capability all the way to the product stage. It offers standard products as well as custom designs.

Our customers enjoy great technical support, service and products that satisfy the industry's demanding criteria of performance, cost and on-time delivery.Our goal is to ensure our customers the best possible service in the industry, whether this is through our proactive and personal approach, or the provision of essential technical support.

mWave Dynamics  employs engineers from the Radio and Microwave department with vast experience in development, which provide technical support and guidance to clients in any type of requirement.

18/11/2013  mWave Dynamics establish her new website-- 18/11/2013  mWave Dynamics supply FBAR BAW Filter-- 18/11/2013  mWave Dynamics supply hermaticlly seal Cavity filter for Airborne application --

Our design expertise includes:

  • RF System design
  • RF Subsystem design
  • RF Component level design
  • Cost reduction design