• RF Filters


    mWave Dynamic Provide diffrent types of RF Filters:



    Cavity Filters:
    Frequencies up to 50GHz/3 dB Bandwidths less than 0.5% to greater than 66%/High "Q", Low Loss/High Power Designs Available/Available in
    Connectorized & Surface Mount Packages/Typical Operating Temperatures - 55 C to +85 C/•Filters, Duplexers & Multiplexers Available



    Ceramic Filters


    SMT Ceramic filter (low insertion loss/ high Attenuation/ high power) bulit to spec. Ceramic Filters feature high Q - low loss, small size and rugged SMT design
    Using discrete resonators covering the frequency range from 300 MHz to 20 GHz. our ceramic filter line includes low pass, high pass, duplexer,
    Multiplexer, and band reject filters. High Power Ceramic Filters (20-30W continuous power) are suitable for small cell base station applications such as 4G 
    LTE and other high frequency communication in 6 GHz up to 20 GHz.

    LC Filters


    Available as field-removable/drop-in or connectorized/blind mate configurations, with various connector types.we can custom design cost- effective
    Switched bank filters per your specification, featuring any number of ports, at short delivery time.


    Tunable Filter


    Mechanical and electronics Filter available (bulit to sepc).Tunable Bandpass and Bandreject filters provide the best solution for pre-tuning
    The desired signals while rejecting the interfering signals. The method of tuning can be either mechanical via a tuning knob mounted on the
    Front of the filter, or electro-mechanical via an optional remote digital interface such as GPIB, RS- 232, RS-422 or BCD.

    Lumped Filter


    Frequencies up to 10GHz/3 dB Bandwidths less than 0.5% to greater than 100%/•Bandpass, Bandreject, Highpass, LowpassMiniature Size
    Connectorized & Surface Mount/Typical Operating Temperatures - 40C to 85 C
    FBAR BAW Filter
    FBAR devices using piezoelectric films with thicknesses ranging from several micrometers down to tenth
    Of micrometers resonate in the frequency range of roughly 100 MHz to 10 GHz.
    Aluminium nitride and zinc oxide are two common piezoelectric materials used in FBARs.


























  • RF Circulator & Isolator


    Isolators, circulators covers
    0.1GHz-40GHz. Customize product can based on appointed shape, size, port,
    power, ripple, phase flatness…


  • RF High Power Attenuator


    Impedance: 50 Ω, Power Rating: 2W-1000W  CW,- Frequency Range: DC-18GHz, Attenuation Value: 1-60dB,- Connector Type: N, SMA, BNC, 7/16
    Attenuation Tolerance: 1-10dB ±0.6dB, 11-20dB ±0.8dB  21-30dB ±1.0dB, 31-50 dB ±1.5dB, 50-60dB ±2.0dB 
    We offers a complete line of 50 Ω coaxial high power attenuators.These RF attenuators are designed and manufactured for Military applicatgion to
    Guarantee good and stable performance at hard envoirnment condition . .RF attenuators are widely used in hybrids, directional couplers, RF isolators 
    And circulators, higher power amplifiers, filters and instrumentation etc. If your specific requirement is not covered in the following table, 
    Please consult with mWave Dynamics.
  • RF Directional Coupler


    Our directional couplers provide the bandwidth, high directivity and higher power for most demanding application designs.

    mWave supply diffrent number of customized directional couplers which include various technologies such as lumped elements, air line, short couplers and stripline circuits.