• High Power Amplifier


    mWave supply broadband Amplifiers cover the frequency range from 10 KHz to 20GHz
    With power levels up to KW's. These advanced, ultra-broadband, linear amplifier systems
    Were designed for Military and comercial application.Frequency Coverage from 10 KHz to 20 GHz
    Protections against High VSWR, Over temperature, Over input power.
    The latest in GaN and GaAs Technology,Custom Engineered Options (CEOs)
    Integrated coupler/detector and temperature monitor, current monitor ( optional )
    Unique approaches to microwave power amplification
    Development in low-loss broadband output stage power combiners








  • RF Antenna


    UAV Blade Antenna


    mWave offer wide range of airborne blade antennas which are suitable for supersonic & subsonic
    Aerodynes with fixed-wing, rotor-wing or slide wing.